Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Operation Beautiful Contest - We Need You!

Operation Beautiful came to my attention a little over a week ago. Through Lululemon Athletica, I saw that they were asking people to leave positive notes around and to photograph them. Photos were then added to flikr (I did a bunch - one is shown above). Later, when joining the Athleta group, I saw that they, too, were participating in Operation Beautiful. Since my belief is to love yourself exactly the way that you are, right now, today, I thought it would be a great thing for me to continue spreading the word. 

I'm giving you a little added motivation by offering the person who posts the best photo a prize, a Nomad Adventure Journal. Wonderful!

Operation Beautiful's mission is to end "Fat Talk." They ask that you post messages in public places, on mirrors at the gym, or work, with messages like, "You are beautiful." I've been posting them all over the mall, in restaurant menus, on public seating. The OpBeauty goal is to get as many notes posted as possible. 

OUR CONTEST: Post notes everywhere that says anything along the lines of "You are beautiful just the way you are." Feel free to get creative. Post them at the gym, or on dressing room mirrors. Pay phones. You name it.

The winner's photo will be posted along with his/her name. Contest is open to men and women. Feel free to tell your friends. A little healthy competition is a good thing. Contest begins August 18 and ends on September 18, 2009. Send pics to: tiffany@bellafitnessforwomen.com.  For more on operation beautiful, click here or visit www.operationbeautiful.com.

Top photo: "You're Beautiful Just The Way You Are" posted next to Exhale tee in Victoria's Secret dressing room.
Elevator picture at right:
Say the letters: "U-R-B-U-T Full" (you are beauty FULL!) Posted on the elevator at Rockaway Mall in Rockaway, NJ. It was up for over two hours, and last I saw, an older woman in a wheelchair was reading it aloud (but to herself) as the doors were opening. WOW.


  1. I love this! What a great idea. I'm going out to get a pack of post it notes to start tagging stuff. I watched the video, too, and I cried. We are all beautiful.

  2. I know. It's a simple concept with a dramatic result. I love it!