Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Healthy Life (contest)

What makes you feel healthy? Is it a certain type of exercise? Perhaps it's a meditation practice, or a weekly massage. Maybe it's as simple as time spent outdoors with friends. In 2003, a study published that 80% of the American population doesn't do any form of exercise. This makes me wonder what it is about exercisers that make us want to stay healthy. What does it mean to you to be fit? Do you think wellness is attained through good nutrition and exercise, or is it more rounded (spirituality, supportive loved ones)? 

Submit your answers to me as a message (tiffany@bellafitnessforwomen.com), and the top five answers will be listed here. Maximum word count: 500. The winner's essay will be posted along with her name both here and on my blog. Winner will also receive our Lotus Blossom Inspiration tee
 in moss green (pictured above in white). This contest is for women only. Feel free to tell your friends. A little healthy competition is a good thing.

Contest begins August 1 and ends on September 1, 2009.

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