Thursday, September 17, 2009

Happy Feet

When we think about fitness, it's rare that we think about feet. Perhaps we choose a good sneaker for support or comfort, but other than that, how often do we think about our feet in regards to exercise?
We plant our feet firmly before squatting, keep our feet aligned properly in pedals when spinning, and notice when our toes sometimes go numb on the elliptical. But our feet deserve much more attention than that.

Were it not for our feet, we couldn't walk, stand, kick, jump, run, dance. Until we are faced with bunions, hammertoes, or something similar, we sort of ignore our feet. 

I learned, early on, the importance of keeping my toes flexible. My mother began wearing toe stretcher's back in the 80s, in an attempt to keep her feet healthy. Basically, they stretch and align your toes and improve foot flexibility and appearance. Soon thereafter, I started wearing toe stretchers for 30 minutes before bed most nights. After a while, I got away from it, but returned to wearing them about six months ago. I personally like the brand YogaToes, but there are many great options on the market.

Feet, when taken care of, are a very sexy part of the body, and you owe it to yourself to keep them in top shape (both men and women should do this). I am lucky because W is constantly massaging my feet. Incredible! This gives me great motivation to keep them cared for. I get regular pedicures (weekly in summer, otherwise bimonthly), and make sure that my heels are as soft as possible. I always keep my toenails polished, simply because I like the look of red toes. Tomorrow, however, I will be experiencing something divine. 

A 90-minute, organic spa pedicure. Oh. My. God.

The pedicure includes a pressure point foot massage, and all the products used are organic and fragranced with essential oils. I look at this massage as part of my overall wellness program. Dr. Paul F. Brezinski, DPM (podiatrist) was quoted in an article by Eric Metcalf, as saying, "The health of your feet, despite their distance from your heart, can affect your overall health."

So really, it's silly not to get that organic spa pedicure. It's good for your health.

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