Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The 90 Day Fitness Effect - Let's See...

I am always up for a good challenge. When I am at the gym, I workout harder when people are around. I try to lift heavier, climb steeper, spin faster. However, when I have a weight or size goal, I sometimes find it too daunting to think about, and I unconsciously sabotage myself. Last year, my goal to fit into a Halloween costume wasn't realized, mostly due to a broken nutrition plan. It was solid, I just broke it. I think I felt overwhelmed at the prospect of actually achieving it.

My real goal, truth be told, is to fit back into my clothes from four years ago. They are a size smaller, which means a handful of inches must go. I love my body for what it is - healthy, functional - but I miss it's former, tighter shape. I miss feeling my lean arms and legs muscles pop, and I am not thrilled with the way my jeans currently cut into my waist. I answer only to myself, so it's easy for me to feel defeated when the inches don't go, and the scale stays put. 

When presented with a physical challenge, I most always rise to meet it. Though I am not a runner, I have trained for 5k races (not much for most, I know, but that's a big run for me) and run them. Completing the race was the challenge, as was beating my own personal record.

This weekend at a party, my friend (and happily acquired family!) Amie mentioned that last year, she and her family had a contest to see who could change their body the most over an eight-week period. They even took 'Before' photos. Granted, she is gorgeous (and tiny at nine months pregnant, with a killer bod (legs to die for) and sky high heels), and I cannot imagine she'd ever have anything to change, but her story was so motivating. W and I are both trying to get in the best shape of our lives by our fortieths, and now I'm making it more of a competition. But I'm not competing with him, per se. I am competing with my former self-defeating beliefs.

When my friend Laura mentioned the 90 Day Fitness Effect (challenge) last week, I thought about it. You do two things in 90 days, and if you commit to it you get two months of free protein shakes, or a specified supplement. While I don't necessarily need two free months of anything, I love a challenge, and it is sort of nice to be rewarded with a healthy prize. I've waited until today to start the challenge, because one of the two things that must be done, is to exercise at least five days a week. I knew that I couldn't commit to it until after Labor Day weekend. So today, I begin.

The other of the two things is to take a supplement called Juice Plus+  every day. It's two capsules (one fruit, one veggie) that contains 17 fruits and vegetables and fiber. (Check it out on the popular television show, The Drs., by clicking here.) I took this years ago, and was reintroduced to it by Laura. I went to the website and saw some of my favorite docs touting it's benefits, including Dr. William Sears (pediatric guru), and I was back on it.  

Here's the catch. I plan on working out every day, but now I know that it's a requirement for me to do so, and I really have to plan. If I can't get to the gym, or to a yoga class, I still have to work out. I'm thinking a 30-minute program with a warm-up, bicep curls (I have dumbbells at home), bellydance shoulder moves, push-ups, and some squats will be my emergency at-home work out.

For the next three months, I will be taking Zumba, yoga and spinning classes, lifting and doing cardio. I will be taking my supplements, and visualizing myself lean and strong. I'll be drinking tons of water. And each week, I will let you know about any mental or physical challenges that arise. Equally, I will share my great workouts, tips I discover, and good feelings that I have here with you, once a week. (And, of course, my progress.) This challenge will end five before my birthday. How auspicious. I am excited to have something so healthy to focus on. 

Let's see what kind of body I can create for myself.

(I welcome your ideas, motivating stories, and tips. Email them to tiffany@bellafitnessforwomen.com, or post them here.)


  1. Cheering you on from San Diego! Woooohoooo!

  2. Thank you! So far, it's been yoga Tues, walking Wed, two yoga classes today. I'm LOVING it!

  3. Are you doing zumba yet?