Friday, October 9, 2009

You're Worth It

The whole month of October is breast health month here at Bella Fitness. However, today begins Feel Your Boobies ( week. So to help the Foundation kick off their week, here are my tips for keeping your beautiful breasts healthy:

Know Your Breasts - check them every month, during the same part of your menstrual cycle, and if you feel something new, get it checked out by your doctor right away. Feel Your Boobies Foundation says to feel 'your boobies' every day, either in the shower, while getting dressed (whenever you like) to really get to know them. This way, you know if there is something abnormal that needs to be checked out. Maintain a Healthy Weight. With less fat on board, there is less estrogen to stimulate breast cells. Start Exercising. Weight gain in midlife, has been shown to significantly increase breast cancer risk. Many studies have shown that regular exercise provides powerful protection against breast cancer. Minimize Stress and Enjoy Your Life. Try meditation, yoga, or a relaxation class. Have healthy relationships and end toxic ones.

Eat Organic Whole Foods Whenever Possible. Avoid foods that are sprayed with pesticides, or meats and poultry that have been given growth hormones. Look for all-natural grass fed beef, and try and buy your eggs from a local farmer, if possible. Limit your packaged foods to a minimum; eat whole foods. Shop the outside aisles. Consume as many fruits and vegetables as possible. Eat seven or more servings daily. I eat fruits all day, but don't get as much veggies as I like, so I take Juice Plus+. (

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