Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Ride or Die Girl?

We live in an outcome based society. We are constantly striving for something better. A bigger house, a better job, more muscles, less fat. 

When we meet new people, the questions we get are usually focused on what we do (our jobs), where we live, and how much we have. We push onward and upward to beat the Joneses, until we get to the top of that mountain. But what then?

In the gym, we have goals. Perhaps they are to lift more weights, or to get more carved. Maybe, like me, it's to get more strength in yoga to have stronger poses. Or to lose five inches. Or ten pounds.

Focusing on a goal is human, but it's also frustrating. I've learned that in life, things never go according to plan. As often as I can hope for things, I can find myself facing disappointment. How is it then, that we learn to let go of outcome, walk away from disappointment, and move closer to solid choices that support our well-being.

This premise can be applied physically. We can choose not to make challenges that are unattainable. We can make small, reasonable goals, that have behind them another goal. We keep stepping forward. In life, though, we can't be as linear because we can only control ourselves and how we respond to life.

After yoga today, I spoke with my teacher about my goals for certain poses and how I know it goes against the whole practice of yoga. She responded by saying, Practice yoga while practicing yoga. This means, while fighting frustration in the poses, learn to let go and accept things as they are. This is good for yoga. But is doing this in life equal being a 'ride or die girl' or is it something less acceptable. How do we let go of the outcomes we hope for in life without giving ourselves away?

I am interested in your thoughts.

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  1. I think a ride or die girl is someone who gives her heart to one thing and goes whole hog. Be a ride or die girl for yourself. If you keep having outcomes that are disappointing in life, maybe you should change your relationships. Do the same people keep disappointing you? Dump em. If you job does, find a new one. Chnage your life so that you are set up to be happy, instead of sirrounding yourself with people and situations who make you feel like less of who you are.

    I know you, and have for a long time. I know that you are worth more than you are living presently. Ride or die for you!, and let everything else slip away. No worries. What is worth it will remain, and the stuff that slips away will be replaced with bigger, better, more wonderful...